Brandy Worsfold

Inbetween Sleep

Restfulness is not sleep, and those who do not have long-term insomnia may consider an occasional evening of wakefulness a time to "catch up." People with repetitive insomnia have different associations.My partner and I start each evening in a comfortable spoon position, but after a few moments we move into separate mattress territories where we try to get comfortable. At least four nights a week, one or both of us will not be able to sleep. Usually bouts of insomnia are spent alone while the other person sleeps, which exasperates the frustration and isolation. We contort ourselves in a variety of odd positions and placements, as if the specific positioning of an arm or leg will become a magical "off" switch. These images are not scans, paintings, or digital collages. These are life sized monoprints, physical impressions pressed and exposed onto photo paper.