Brandy Worsfold

The Abandoned Series

This is a work in progress that expresses my emotional and psychological response to a family member's loosing battle with an untreatable cancer. The abandoned, rotting structures in these images represent the destruction of the body. Patches of color mimic illness; a pink flush of fever, a bruising purple and grey from slow healing flesh, a green pallor of skin and so forth. Your body becomes your enemy instead of your tool, your dangerous cage instead of your home. The figure in this series of images is interacting with the broken, desolate environment in a variety of contorted positions corresponding with the struggle to survive. These positions mirror the fluxuation between pain, loss of hope, denial and the desire to live. However, there is beauty in these shapes just as there is beauty in the struggle to survive. I am the model in each image as an homage to my loved one’s struggle and as a penancefor my health. I find satisfaction in the dirt, bruises, cuts that mark my grief.